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Sonja Caime

Mobil: 0177 3663264

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Kommentar von murali( murali.krishkolotnetwork.com ), 14.02.2020 um 14:17 (UTC):
Greetings from Kolot Media & Entertainment! I got your contact details from your website.

We are a new age media and entertainment company based in Bangalore India. We are collaborating with one of our client, a leading real estate development company also based in Bangalore, to organise a fun filled carnival at one of their residential / commercial properties. This festival is primarily for the people of Bangalore to come with family and have a fun filled day and to eventually convert them into customers. Part of the carnival is to set up a circus.where we will be bringing down International circus acts . The venue is an open area & the location is large enough to setup a Bigtop tent that can accommodate 750 to a 1000 people. We are looking at 3 show's per day

The following are the details we require from your end

1) Complet Act / Performance Details
2) Big top
3) No of Artist
4) Commercials for Performance
5) Commercials for Big top
6) No of Cargo / Container ( No of Days for shipping )
7) No of Days you would Require for Set up
8) Required Technicals Details ( we Provide in india )
9) Location of Artist & Big top
10) All the required paper works / Accommodation for Artist / Flight Tickets / Visa will be taken care by us
The tentative show dates are as follows:
Date: 8th to 17th May 2020 , Bangalore

Shipping: Your location to India one way via sea + 5 days on ground from the nearest port city in India Chennai to Bangalore

Kindly share few of your performance video

Let me know if you have any more points you may wish to clarify. I look forward to hearing from you.

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